Sunday, February 12, 2023

Jarrod Bacon out on statutory release - Revisited

It was a long road to freedom for Bacon, who had been statutorily released in 2017 on a 14 year sentence after he was convicted in 2012 of attempting to import 100 kg of cocaine. By mid-2017 he was rejailed, then again in December 2018. He failed multiple drug tests. In March 2021 he was released again. The parole board noted Bacon is still considered a significant gangster. "... your accountability and motivation levels as well as your reintegration potential are low,” The parole board had nada good to say about Bacon’s behavior in prison, including that he maintained ties with inmates known to be linked to the Hells Angels and that he had an “ongoing influence in the gang environment.”
They spanked him further for having "cognitive distortions." Jarrod Bacon has avoided new interaction with cops thus far.