Monday, November 5, 2018

New drug Dsuvia sparks fears amid opioid epidemic

A new drug approved by the FDA has caught the attention of those fighting the opioid epidemic. Dsuvia is made by a 13-year-old California-based company, AcelRx Pharmaceuticals. It is a powerful opioid, 5 to 10X stronger than fentanyl. The fast-acting product contains sufentanil and is meant to be taken in a supervised medical setting.
Dr. Pamela Palmer, co-founder and chief medical officer at AcelRx, defended the drug. “There is currently no way available to rapidly treat extreme pain without sticking you with a needle,” Palmer said. “For the first time, we’ve developed a small tablet that goes under the tongue and dissolves in about six minutes.”

Critics point out that the tolerance level for opioids increases. So this drug is just another step in that process. People who follow their doctor’s orders end up addicted to opioids.