Sunday, December 30, 2018

Florida Keys fisherman’s cocaine catch worth $500,000

A fisherman spotted 25 plastic-wrapped packages which turned out to be high purity cocaine. DEA Miami office said in 2017 that pure cocaine goes for $26,000 to $28,000 per kilogram. Using that price range and the weight range given, the bales are worth $473,000 to $761,600, wholesale.
In February a 32-year-old Florida Panhandle fisherman was sentenced to 6 years in prison after finding a bale of cocaine in the Gulf of Mexico and setting up a distribution network to sell the drugs.

Thomas Zachary Breeding is warning others not to do what he did.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. - Scott Jason Jarman

"Due to an oversight, the company did not timely disseminate a news release or file a Form 9 with the Canadian Securities Exchange respecting the closing. The company confirms that it has now filed the required Form 9 and apologizes to its shareholders for the delay in informing them of the closing."
Named and disgraced securities mutt Mr. Scott Jason Jarman CONTINUES to abuse the 'consultant exemption.'

"Abattis has recently unveiled its new marketing and branding materials, developed in conjunction with media company Canada One Communications."

Robert Abenante
And that's the level of respect of open career securities criminals. The BCSC is a global joke and the main reason career criminal scum come to Vancouver to globally and gleefully rip stupid folks off. A massive bust and it slows these types down not at all. Amazing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cops have “viable suspects” in Konaam Shirzad hit

Konaam Shirzad was whacked outside his Kamloops home on the evening of Sept. 21, 2017. The 34-year-old, who owned a gym, was one of the founding members of the Red Scorpions. The Crown was successful in asking a judge to extend the length of time police can hold onto exhibits seized in connection with Shirzad’s murder. Police have 'viable suspects', but there isn’t enough evidence to lay charges. Less than three weeks after Shirzad’s death, fellow Red Scorpion Ibrahim Amjad Ibrahim was killed in Richmond.
Security cameras caught these two men walking toward Konaam Shirzad’s home shortly before he was killed.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Chasing the phantom beans - Alex Black's RIO2

Most find numbers boring. For dopes rolling the bones on venture chit they best have a minimal appreciation of the size of the pee pee up their behind holes. There is something stinking in Mr. Alex Black's RIO2 and it ought not take audited numbers to (eventually) figure it out. Co raised $ 10m through 'subscription receipts' for "additional infill drilling of the higher grade areas and studies related to completing a definitive feasibility study for the Cerro Maricunga Gold Project, expenses of the Arrangement, as well as for general corporate and working capital purposes." That number ended up being $ 9.1m and the dough appeared at the end of July. Net assets were about $ 13m.
The latest reported numbers dated September 30, tell us net current assets were now around $3m, and this jives well with a statement of cash flows saying a whopping $ 10.2m was blown in 9 months. So we can state that in 60 days this co offloaded millions. Where (the fuk) did it go? There was no drilling and no work on the flagship save 'desktop studies'. There are no expenses reported explaining the missing dough. The only thing left is that many millions was paid out and then booked as an addition to capital. (i.e. Capitalized)
From what we know about the BridgeMark scam, the 'cheque swap' occurred when funds were advanced. That means the dopes behind the financing documents (DLA Piper) had to have handled the agreements regarding the kickback of those funds as well.

Given the incestuous relationship between those involved here it absolutely, positively appears a fraud of massive proportion has occurred.
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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Alex Black's RIO2 - Millions into the ether - Update We have discovered a too interesting 'co-incidence' between 2 VSE companies linked to the BridgeMark scam. Micheal McPhie of Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and Alex Black of RIO2 (RIO.v) both used a lawyer at DLA Piper in Calgary to execute finance documents. That would be Mr. Mitchell Smith. Mr Smith's boss would be a very long term director/insider of RIO2 and a partner at that precise office, Mr. Daniel Kenney.

Mr. Kenny and his firm has been doing extremely well lately. "the Company incurred legal fees of $526,446 (2017 - $167,555) to a firm in which a director of the Company is a partner."
Kathryn Johnson CFOWhen RIO2 was first implicated in the BridgeMark scam I began an investigation into the company's financials and the $10m raised. RIO2, while 'doing' virtually nothing with their flagship property found a way to blow $10.2m in 9 months. Where precisely this cash went surely isn't obvious. The co has a paltry $3m in net current assets at last report.

It is appearing to this layperson that many millions simply vanished ... i.e. was capitalized, not shown as any expense. "Further development costs were capitalized to the asset from acquisition by Rio2 on July 24, 2018 to September 30, 2018." This accounting treatment is grossly improper and IMO fraudulent.

Alex Black, CEO.

Meanwhile, like every other public scam company involved with BridgeMark, the share price of RIO2 has sewered to ever new 52 week lows with 'anonymous' leading the charge downward.

14:38:52V0.45-0.0051,50039 Merrill Lynch1 AnonymousK
12:59:39V0.45-0.0053,00079 CIBC1 AnonymousK
12:59:39V0.45-0.00510,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
12:36:08V0.45-0.00550079 CIBC1 AnonymousK
12:36:08V0.45-0.0052,50085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
12:33:27V0.45-0.00510,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
12:25:40V0.45-0.0053,00079 CIBC1 AnonymousK
11:04:46V0.45-0.0055,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
Robbie Grossman robbie.grossman@dlapiper.comOn a whim, I checked, at random, into confirmed BridgeMark PoS GBLT Corp. Corporate secretary is lawyer Mr. Robbie Grossman.

A newly minted partner this 'man' is, earning his button in February with, wait for it ... DLA Piper (Toronto).
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Saturday, December 15, 2018

David 'cheque swap' Schmidt - BridgeMark

Say howdy do to Mr. David 'cheque swap' Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt recently WITHDREW from the BoD of White Gold (WGO.v) as CFO. A tough bit of 'news' to find for obvious reasons ... he was named in the rapidly growing and massive BridgeMark scandal by the BCSC.

It appears majors like Kinross (K.t) and Agnico Eagle (AEM.t) are grotesquely ignorant and fully incapable of elementary due diligence. Whilst work continues, we do know as a very certain fact that David 'cheque swap' Schmidt was the key operative in the $ 5.5m kickback of Prize Mining. (PRZ.v), where he continues to serve as a director to this very day.
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Friday, December 14, 2018

The BridgeMark Scam - Part II

While small investors are counting their losses, Mr. Anthony Jackson closed on the home at 2854 Bellevue Ave in West Vancouver. The home sold on November 2nd, 2018.

The selling price was a reported $16m for the 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 6,177 sq ft mansion. That price is meaningless to a man of Jackson's caliber.
It was described as...

"This custom built contemporary home features exceptional luxury in an oceanfront setting. The upper floor consists of 3 ensuite bdrms. This custom-crafted, highly exclusive estate stands on a private beachfront, sharing a powerful kinship with surrounding ocean views and mountain landscapes."
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The BridgeMark Scam - Part I

On April 18, 2018 Mr. Anthony Jackson CA, a principal at BridgeMark Financial Corp. joined the BoD of LiCo Energy Metals Inc. - LIC.v. On December 7th, 2 weeks after BCSC news of an investigation into alleged securities offenses involving BridgeMark he resigned.

The regulator was motivated by a complaint from stakeholders of another junior, Blocplay Entertainment Inc - PLAY.c. A shareholder revolt caused by BridgeMark tactics resulted in a complete BoD change. The new board has failed to file financials and is "looking for value". Prospects appear very poor for the company.

The essentials of the scheme are simple and have been repeated dozens of times. The group provides 'financing' but requires the company receiving the money to enter into 'consulting agreements' that returns the vast majority of the cash to BridgeMark. This happens at the same time funds are advanced.
The shares received by BridgeMark 'investors' have a cost base of very near zero. They are basically free. The group blasts out of the paper at any price. Then the process is repeated with some another company.

BridgeMark abused the consultant exemption to obtain free trading paper without need of a prospectus. In some cases, to avoid the 4 month regulatory hold on selling shares they shorted the stock. This is possible for some without a margin requirement. They are shorting from a secured position. An example of this is Micheal McPhie's Prize Resources - PRZ.v which showed a massive short position of some 2.3m shares at the end of October. The short is covered by the PP paper when it becomes free trading. This is a risk free way to unload paper.
The pattern was repeated many, many times. ALL companies involved with BridgeMark scheme are being sold off right now at any price. Most often the seller is tagged as 'anonymous' meaning the public cannot track the brokerage house doing the selling. The principals of BridgeMark, including Chartered Accountant Anthony Jackson are racking millions in gains ... right this instant.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

HA Jean-Richard Larivière tasered, charged for assaulting police

Jean-Richard Larivière had reasons to be grouchy with the police when he attended the opulent wedding of his comrade HA Martin Robert in downtown Montreal. Two days before the wedding, the 50-year-old had been informed that the Attorney General of Quebec was instituting legal proceedings against him to retain $122,000, patches and rings. Although he escaped charges, the state alleges that he and his spouse were involved in HA drug trafficking.

Martin Robert, 44, and Annie Arbic, 32, were married at Montreal’s Windsor Ballrooms.
During the investigation, the biker had $61,000 he lugged to his Infiniti SUV. The Attorney General claims the couple have no legitimate sources of income.

Larivière, who also owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee and two Harleys, is scheduled to appear in January facing a charge of assaulting a police officer in connection with his drunken rampage.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Micheal McPhie - BridgeMark Venture Scam

On November 26 the BCSC prohibited a group of purported consultants from buying or selling the securities of 11 companies listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), alleging that they participated in a scheme that is abusive to the capital markets. The so called "Bridgemark Group" is now blocked from all CSE-listed companies from using the consultant exemption to sell shares without a prospectus to the group of 25 people and 26 firms, most of whom are in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. $17.9 million worth of shares sold to members of the BridgeMark Group, returned $15.3 million to members of the group.

The latest to emerge is a list of Venture companies who dealt with Bridgemark. Among them is Prize Mining PRZ.v, led by Micheal McPhie. $5.5m of a recent $6.5m in financing was returned to the Bridgemark Group. "Of the funds raised, $5.5 million will be directed towards activities 1 and 2 listed above."

McPhie had the ballulars to call a swack of dead free dilution (SRUs) 'just paper.' McPhie also had the manstones to claim the free paper needed to be 'earned' even though 400k vested immediately.
The Executive Director alleges that the securities sales to BridgeMark were illegal because they improperly used the consultant exemption to avoid filing a prospectus, a formal document that provides details of an investment.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Drug Trafficker Philipos Kollaros whacked in Montreal's little Italy

Before he was riddled with bullets at Café Cubano in Montreal's Little Italy last month, Philipos Kollaros, 38, had lived in a luxury condo suite in the downtown core.
He was said to have extremely strong ties with the Sinaloa cartel, making him one of the biggest drug suppliers on the continent.
Jahanbakhsh Meshkati, 46, was listed as an non-indicted co-conspirator in one of the drug cases filed against Kollaros. He was murdered in White Rock, B.C. in August 2014. RCMP became interested in Kollaros after Meshkati was killed.

Kollaros' murder is the 25th homicide recorded this year in Montreal.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Drugs, explosives and weapons at Blue Angels MC Belgium

On September 8, a 33-year-old ex-member of the Blue Angels was stabbed. Belgian police carried out house searches and found explosives, weapons, firearms and narcotics.Six members of the Blue Angels were arrested.
The Blue Angels Motorcycle Club (BAMC) is a one-percenter motorcycle club that was formed in 1963. The Blue Angels are one of the largest motorcycle clubs in the UK, only falling behind the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Satans Slaves. In Belgium, the Blue Angels have eight chapters.