Thursday, December 6, 2018

Francesco Del Balso pleads guilty to threatening reporter

Francesco Del Balso, one of six men who acted as leaders in the Rizzuto organization appeared before a judge via a video linkup from a federal penitentiary in Laval. Del Balso, 48, was outted in his standover tactics in a report by Félix Séguin in September. Del Balso said it revealed too much about where his family lived and had placed their lives in danger. On Oct. 11, Del Balso met with a prosecutor in an attempt to have a peace bond imposed on the reporter. Del Balso told the prosecutor “that he was in the Italian Mafia" and that he was "a lieutenant in the Rizzuto clan” and that he was upset.
When the prosecutor rejected Del Balso’s request, the Mafioso replied: “Do you want me to take care of this myself? Do you want me to organize this myself so that (Séguin) ends up in a container?”
The Parole Board of Canada has twice revoked Del Balso’s statutory release out of concerns for his own safety, including how fellow Montreal Mafia leader Lorenzo 'Skunk' Giordano was killed in Laval in March 2016 after his release.

Del Balso's release was revoked again after Séguin was threatened. The career gangster will now serve an additional 30 days with 2 years probation.

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