Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Good Life Networks Inc. - Trailing 12-month consolidated pro forma revenue

Have the wicked horrid BridgeMark scammers pulled in their fraudulent horns? As far as K9 beanfrauder Konstantin Lichtenwald goes, fuk no.

OMG $40.2m in gross revenue says Litchenfukhead in a Good.v NR today. But, hold that massive buy order for just a second there poochie 'get rich quick' dopus. For non-beaner types we slow down. 'Pro-forma' in this case means projected gross revenue. That translates as a guess pulled from wicked horrid dirty Litchywald anushole. Next is '12-month trailing' which would mean a BIGGER guess from said stinking Litchy anushole over 12 months. And 'gross revenues' would be that fiction BEFORE all the expenses, meaning the 'net' is really just another massive BridgeMark loss in the making.

So what does this breathless, amazingly timed load of fully fraudulent horsechit really mean? It means a now globally recognized conman is playing stupid with 2 BridgeMarkian acquisitions that nobody has ever heard of, which 'cost' a mountain of worthless (but free trading) shares. And hmmm what's this from Dec 27th? ... "1,705,000 stock options at a price of $0.15"
One other slight thing before cutting a cheque on this sure thing. These MFers don't 'do' the industry standard 30,60,90 days for 'revenue recognition' They do 120 days. This means nothing from this scamshow is GAAP to begin with. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) It also explains how they pretend to report a profit on their bogus prepared financials when they haven't collected a fukkin cent. This total chit needs to be halted, yesterday.
UPDATE: It is always true that doing due diligence on a Venture scam ain't rocket science. This dopeshow is no different. We look into enigmatic New York based acquisition '495 Communications' head office and oh chit, we find out why it's so enigmatic. 175 Varick Street, 6th Floor is a "We Work" rental.

Konstantin Lichtenwald

Latest in BridgeMark scammery is Good Life Networks Inc. (GOOD.v) "We own and operate disruptive patent-pending advertising technology." and "are committed to positioning ourselves ahead of the imminent convergence between Digital Advertising and Blockchain Technology."
Just for fun I checked the financials. $ 8.4m in receivables, $ 4.2m in current liabilities and all of $ 360k in cash. Yup, that's the definition of insolvent all righty.And WTF does that mean exactly? Who bloody knows and these dopes aren't saying. And who might the CFO be? Why it's the barking dog, massive fraud bean stroker Konstantin Lichtenwald. And the state of incoming beans you ask? Well, according to Lichenwald and this management fukkin aresome.

This joke isn't worth my time, however, it is a good example of a 'black box' scam. A 'black box' is a securities ploy where something is sooooo profitable, and soooooo secret it can't possibly be disclosed to public dum dums at all.
Perhaps the most famous recently used 'Black box' is that of Timminco that Eric Sprott used to steal a billion bucks. I would not touch this total chit with Eric Sprott's money.