Friday, January 4, 2019

Micheal McPhie - BridgeMark Scam - Baffle em with bullchit - Update

Latest and not so greatest in Mr. Micheal McPhie's little world is a spanking by the Alberta regulator. "The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has ordered an interim cease-trade of Prize Mining Corp. shares issued to the subscribers of a July 2018 non-brokered private placement until the determination of a January 14, 2019 hearing into allegations about Prize's public disclosure. The 10-day window gives the junior mining issuer and 12 other respondents time to contest preliminary allegations by Staff of the ASC that Prize breached the Securities Act (Alberta), and acted contrary to the public interest, by making misrepresentations and failing to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations.

The interim cease trade order affects: Seungkap Kim, Kyung Kim Yoon, Justin Edgar Liu, Lisa Jackson, Detona Capital Corp., Tryton Financial Corp., and Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (formerly Cam Paddock Enterprises)
Too simple fact here is these wicked crooks have already blasted out of millions of shares. They likely didn't get caught holding much PRZ.v paper at all. Two issues. Why is this horrid worthless paper still trading (now halted) and how will ANY of the pure chit deals in the BridgeMark stable achieve signed audited financials?
Horrid securities monkey man Mr. Micheal McPhie figures great heaps of verbal stupidity will save the day. The man has released 'news.' The avalanche of anonymous selling continues, dopey verbal monkey diarrhea notwithstanding.
0.050.00510,00022 Fidelity1 AnonymousK
11:58:31V0.050.0057,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
11:58:31V0.050.00543,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
11:22:32V0.050.00510,00022 Fidelity1 AnonymousK
11:21:35V0.050.0059,00022 Fidelity1 AnonymousK
10:50:55V0.045 10,00085 Scotia79 CIBCK
10:24:08V0.05 30085 Scotia80 National Bank
09:40:40V0.045 50,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
09:39:29V0.045 95,00085 Scotia1 AnonymousK
09:39:29V0.045 5,0002 RBC1 Anonymous
Another obvious connect betwix Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and Rio2 (RIO.v) is career terd Feisal Somji, who is also on the PRZ BoD. Somji has a long history with RIO's Alex Black. IF this man EVER created a nickle in value in his entire 'career', it sure ain't in evidence anywhere.

We can report the massive PRZ.v short position has magically evaporated with zero buying in the market. We can also report more than 5m PRZ.v shares have been blown out 'anonymously' in the past 30 days.

For some reason the market is unimpressed with McPhie's latest retardisms, likely because most have already been flushed out while BridgeMark continues to unload their dead free shares at any price. McPhie is basically spewing to hear the sound of his own terd dribble down his chin.
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