Thursday, December 13, 2018

The BridgeMark Scam - Part I

On April 18, 2018 Mr. Anthony Jackson CA, a principal at BridgeMark Financial Corp. joined the BoD of LiCo Energy Metals Inc. - LIC.v. On December 7th, 2 weeks after BCSC news of an investigation into alleged securities offenses involving BridgeMark he resigned.

The regulator was motivated by a complaint from stakeholders of another junior, Blocplay Entertainment Inc - PLAY.c. A shareholder revolt caused by BridgeMark tactics resulted in a complete BoD change. The new board has failed to file financials and is "looking for value". Prospects appear very poor for the company.

The essentials of the scheme are simple and have been repeated dozens of times. The group provides 'financing' but requires the company receiving the money to enter into 'consulting agreements' that returns the vast majority of the cash to BridgeMark. This happens at the same time funds are advanced.
The shares received by BridgeMark 'investors' have a cost base of very near zero. They are basically free. The group blasts out of the paper at any price. Then the process is repeated with some another company.

BridgeMark abused the consultant exemption to obtain free trading paper without need of a prospectus. In some cases, to avoid the 4 month regulatory hold on selling shares they shorted the stock. This is possible for some without a margin requirement. They are shorting from a secured position. An example of this is Micheal McPhie's Prize Resources - PRZ.v which showed a massive short position of some 2.3m shares at the end of October. The short is covered by the PP paper when it becomes free trading. This is a risk free way to unload paper.
The pattern was repeated many, many times. ALL companies involved with BridgeMark scheme are being sold off right now at any price. Most often the seller is tagged as 'anonymous' meaning the public cannot track the brokerage house doing the selling. The principals of BridgeMark, including Chartered Accountant Anthony Jackson are racking millions in gains ... right this instant.
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