Friday, December 14, 2018

Violent Somali gangster Abdullahi Hashi Farah released by Canada - Twice

Somali gang member Abdullahi Hashi Farah has an extensive criminal record and a long history of breaching probation. That didn't stop him from being released twice after illegally entering Canada.

Farah was fleeing an arrest warrant and deportation in the U.S. when he crossed illegally into Canada in late October 2017. Farah told Canada Border Services Agency officials about his criminal record and gang ties. The agency wanted him held, but an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing officer ordered his release.
Six days after Farah was set free, he breached his release conditions and was arrested again. The CBSA gained access to Farah's cellphone. They found recent photos and videos of Farah playing with loaded handguns, doing cocaine, concealing cocaine, and flashing wads of cash. Another IRB hearing officer again released Farah in March 2018. In June, Edmonton police arrested Farah as a prime suspect in a string of armed convenience store robberies. He is now jailed in the Edmonton Remand Centre, awaiting deportation to Somalia. Police aren't saying why he is no longer a suspect in the unsolved robberies.
Investigation revealed Farah had breached immigration and parole conditions more than 30 times in the U.S and in Canada.