Wednesday, January 30, 2019

$100k bounty announced on Conor D’Monte

"High-ranking UN gang member” Conor D’Monte now has a $ 100k price on his head. With Vancouver Crime Stoppers, the Bolo (Be On The Lookout) Program is offering a reward up to $100k for any information leading to D’Monte's arrest. The reward is available for a period of six months. Cops want to bring D’Monte to justice for the 2009 murder of Kevin LeClair, among other things. Between 2008 and 2018 there were 18 arrests and 12 convictions of UN gang members and associates, including murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Anyone with information on D’Monte is encouraged to contact their local police, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.
Kevin LeClair (left) moments before he was shot to death on Feb. 6, 2009 in Langley.

NY Hells Angels ambushed Pagans - Update II

Prospect and shooter, Anthony Milan, 28, pleaded guilty to malicious wounding by a mob and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. 3 HA, Nathaniel A. Villaman, 28, Joseph Anthony Paturzo, 52, and Richard E. West, 53, pleaded guilty to malicious wounding by a mob and got 4 years. Second shooter, HA Dominick J. Eadicicco, 48, is scheduled for trial March 18.
Anthony MilanDuring the early morning hours of Sept. 10 at the Hometown Inn near Greenville, five men — four full patch and a prospect — were lying in wait after two members of the rival Pagans MC were spotted across the street. The men took off their Hells Angels gear.

Roughly 90 minutes later, as the two Pagans pulled into the motel parking lot on their motorcycles, an ambush was unleashed. Four to five gunshots were fired. One of the Pagans was shot, the other knocked off his motorcycle and beaten with a hammer. One of two men accused of opening fire is Anthony Milan, 28.
Milan is a prospect of the Hells Angels in New York. Dominick J. Eadicicco, 48, is also suspected of opening fire. Both men were denied bail. All seven remain behind bars.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Disney Social Clubs

So you sent your resume and the Hells Angels didn't get back to you for some reason. Fear not citizen. There are clubs that are slightly less exclusive. There's a Disney themed social club for everyone. The Big Bad Wolves for instance have impressive colors. They are rockabilly-themed. If that doesn't appeal try the MWA, or Mice With Attitude, whose patch features a scowling Mickey. If Star Wars is your thing there are the Order 66 and Dark Side Elite.
All is not lollipops and sunshine however. Reddit comments gripe about the social clubs’ habit of “ride takeovers.” This is where all members make it onto a ride at the same time.

Some groups are accused of taking up too much space in congested areas, or, worst of all, shouting obscure Disney trivia at each other while waiting in line. The clubs respond by saying they are being unfairly 'profiled'.
There has also been legal drama. A lawsuit was filed in 2017. According to the lawsuit, Main Street Firehouse Station 55 President John Sarno said he was approached by members of the White Rabbits, who demanded hundreds of dollars in protection money.

The chill from the lawsuit slowed down the clubs, as there was concern that Disney would ban colors from the park. That concern may be justified. Line-ups are long and the local's annual passes are relatively inexpensive compared to what tourists pay.
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Monday, January 28, 2019

Bo Bo Bert Abenante - ATT.c - Suspended

Things have suddenly gotten mucho worse for Bo Bo Bert Abenante as it's now a 'policy 3' suspension.

Bo Bo is facing one or more 'regulatory concerns.' Most likely it's related to his far too easily uncovered lies related to TO target NutriVida. As was posted here the numbered B.C. company was registered last spring, whilst Bo Bo was the newly installed CEO of ATT.c. Bo Bo has much splaining to do and it surely doesn't look good for ATT.c shareholders. In the end it's always 'buyer beware' and Lord knows stakeholders had warnings up the poophole.
Poor Bo Bo Bert Abenante's deal of a lifetime has been halted for failure to file financials. Tsk Tsk.

More often than not this is the singular way utter Venture krap meets it's Waterloo. Whilst management often stroke their self-prepared numbers, it all comes crashing down when it's time to find an auditor to affix their signature to the rubbish.
It is this reality that will eventually sink most, if not all, the BridgeMarkians.
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Satudarah MC make 5 in Canberra

Once a "one-gang town" with the Rebels as the sole bikie gang, Canberra is now home to the Finks, the Comancheros, the Nomads and Satudarah. In New South Wales, anti-consorting laws, together with police anti-gang taskforce Strike Force Raptor, make it illegal for gang members to gather in number. The same laws do not apply in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) which houses Canberra, Australia’s capital. This provides a free rein to bikies and they have moved in.
That means a growing wave of drive-by shootings, arson, home invasions, bashings and brothel brawls. Late last year the president of the Australian Federal Police Association warned that the ACT community would "pay the price" for not introducing anti-consorting laws. That warning has quickly come to pass.

The newest gang in Canberra arrives with a reputation for extreme violence. Satudarah means “one blood” in the Malay language. The club has 44 chapters and around 4000 members worldwide. Gang members come from a range of ethnic backgrounds. The reputation of the gang grew when it took on the Hells Angels and the Bandidos.
In June last year, a Dutch court announced a complete ban of the club in its home country.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

RCMP cocaine trial: colleague cop plays stupid basterd - Update

Former RCMP officer Craig Burnett is accused of stealing mountains of cocaine, but a colleague says he never knew or saw anything. RCMP Cpl. Mark Johnson was one of the officers who drove cocaine to an incinerator. At the incinerator, cops had to move the cocaine from the vehicle into the machine.
Johnson told the court he was fully clueless and noticed nothing. He suggested it would be 'hard' to replace the cocaine with something else and he would have noticed, 'probably'. Johnson was a friend who played golf and poker with Burnett. Burnett was going through a divorce, and Johnson said he knew about his financial troubles. He said Burnett stopped talking about money woes around the same time he bought a new BMW motorcycle.
Johnson said Burnett went on trips to the UK and the Caribbean. “I didn’t know if he remortgaged his house or what he did,” Johnson testified. Burnett is accused of stealing 10 kilograms of cocaine between 2010 and 2011.

He was eventually ratted out by the shill he recruited to sell the cocaine. He was 'forced' to retire and is now drawing his RCMP pension, which is likely more than most people earn. It will continue until his death.
There is currently a public fundraising campaign on FundRazor. "Craig has been forced into early retirement by the RCMP. This has been financially crippling." "Craig is an RCMP veteran with an impeccable 26 year record. He is being framed by two admitted criminals and is now fighting for his reputation and justice. If you wish to contribute to his fight, any donation will go directly to his legal fees."

It goes on and on ... " It is a stunning failure of Canada’s justice system, that charges were even laid on such a thin line of ‘evidence’. Since being devastated by these accusations and despite the overwhelming evidence..."

NOTE - His primary accuser has no criminal record.

HA associate/coward Leslie John McCulloch on the run

Leslie McCulloch and his girlfriend, Rebekka Rae White, were arrested in March of 2016 after a police raid at a West Kelowna auto restoration shop. Police believed the drug operation may have shipped "as many as 100,000 fentanyl tablets per month to Calgary." A deal had been made to drop charges against White.

After a ridiculous delay in sentencing, McCulloch jumped bail and has failed to show for a pre-sentence hearing on January 21st. A warrant was issued for his arrest. McCulloch is on the Central Okanagan’s most wanted list. With no deal his girlfriend's fate appears grim. She can thank McCulloch's cowardice for that.
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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Street Gang peace in Montreal all about money

Gregory Woolley at HA Lionel Deschamps funeral in November 2015The first street gangs appeared more than 30 years ago in Montreal. The Bloods (Red) of Montreal-North, the Crips (Blue) of Saint-Michel and the Jamaican Posse in the West Island of Montreal fired on each other every week. From January 2006 to December 2007, street gangs were involved in 26 homicides and 96 attempted murders. It was war.

By 2012, long-time rivals became allies under the rule of Gregory Woolley, the only black gangster to be admitted into both the Hells Angels family and Montreal mafia. Gangsters learned an economic alliance was preferred to feuds because the criminal trade was big enough for everyone. In 2017 and 2018, out of a total of 15 murders attributable to organized crime in Montreal, none were connected to street gangs. By working together they were far less visible to police.
Toronto has had a record year of 96 murders. Mayor John Tory said gangs were involved in 75% of the killings and 424 shootings in 2018. The business model of street gangs and their biker and mafia partners in Quebec is unique. Part of the reason is that the Hells Angels don't control all illicit markets as strongly as in Quebec. Criminologists say gangs elsewhere are fighting over crumbs. With a level of maturity and well-established hierarchy with other crime groups, the rules are clear in Montreal, and the cake is shared.
Like Vito Rizzuto was for the Italian mafia, Gregory Woolley is seen as the "godfather of blacks." He plays a critical role in Montreal's underworld. His meetings on August 5, 2014 give a convincing example. In the morning he met Andrea Scoppa, a big Mafia man. Two hours later he met with Salvatore Cazzetta and St├ęphane Jarry, two high-ranking Hells Angels. He completed his day with an hour talk with acting mafia boss Stefano Sollecito.

Last October, Woolley was sentenced to eight years for conspiracy, drug trafficking and gangsterism. He could be released on parole by the end of 2020.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Hells Angels’ Welland Clubhouse MUCH closer to wrecking ball

The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld a Superior Court ruling from 2017 that ordered the gang's fortress at 855 Darby Rd. to be seized, along with Hells Angels paraphernalia. Evidence showed the property's mortgage was paid using proceeds from crime.

Barring an improbable appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada the building will likely be leveled and the property sold.
Lawyers representing the owners of the Hells Angels clubhouse on Darby Road in Welland have until Dec. 6 to appeal a ruling that the building be forfeited to the Ontario government.

If they don’t appeal or an appeal fails, the fortified building will likely be demolished. The ruling also ordered the owners of the property — Gerald Ward, ex-Hells Angel Randy Beres and Tony Panetta — to pay the Crown $32,425 in legal costs.

Police say the gang has begun to fortify a property at 7863 Garner Rd. in Niagara Falls
The fate of the clubhouse has been a question mark since 2006 when a police investigation called Project Tandem resulted in the arrests of key members, including Ward.

The arrests relied on Hells Angels member turned police informant Stephen Gault, who used a wire to record conversations with Ward about buying cocaine. In 2009, Ward pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking and possessing the proceeds of crime. He was also found guilty of directing the drug trafficking for a criminal organization. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Gerald "Skinny" Ward president of the Niagara Hells Angels

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Montreal Mafia connected developer Tony Magi whacked

Tony Magi's luck has finally run out. Magi, a construction entrepreneur who had close ties to Vito Rizzuto and survived being kidnapped in April 2005, and at least three attempts on his life, died shortly after he was taken to a hospital after being shot. Magi was found lying in front of building that was under construction. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition but died of his injuries.
Police marveled how Magi managed to survive this long. Magi had links to Montreal’s Mafia crime families for decades. From 2003 to 2005, Magi and boss Vito Rizzuto went into business together to develop condos in the Old Port of Montreal, through Magi’s FTM Construction. Rizzuto told Magi he wanted his son, Nick, to get into the construction business. Nick Rizzuto Jr. was shot to death near the office of FTM construction in 2009.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

47 men arrested for trying to purchase sex from youth: VPD - Update

Former Vancouver School Board trustee Ken Clement is one of 47 men arrested in a teen sex sting. Others are Mario Celo Amistad, Jim Malmros, Jun Jie He, Nikolaos Dais, Donald Schroeder, and Mehran Arefi. Police are still working with crown counsel on charges, including an 'outlaw motorcycle member'. The operation may be in response to 'creep catchers' who have posted a steady stream of johns seeking underage sex.
Vancouver police say 47 men have been arrested following a two-month operation in 2018, targeting people willing to purchase sexual services from a supposed 15 year old.

All of the arrests took place between June and November of 2018, and included men from “all walks of life.” They included a school trustee, a teacher, a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang and a fireman. Seven of the men have been charged so far, but police aren't revealing any identifying details, yet.
The men have been charged with considering buying the sexual services of a person under 18 years old.

All were lured to a motel room under the guise of meeting an underage girl for sex. VPD detectives posted decoy advertisements on web escort listings and social media platforms for sexual services. There were 25 officers involved in each take-down, each night. Police say this is only the “tip of the iceberg.”
Anyone with information about children being exploited in the sex trade is asked to contact the VPD’s Counter Exploitation Unit at 604-717-3426

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Good Life Networks Inc. - Trailing 12-month consolidated pro forma revenue

Have the wicked horrid BridgeMark scammers pulled in their fraudulent horns? As far as K9 beanfrauder Konstantin Lichtenwald goes, fuk no.

OMG $40.2m in gross revenue says Litchenfukhead in a Good.v NR today. But, hold that massive buy order for just a second there poochie 'get rich quick' dopus. For non-beaner types we slow down. 'Pro-forma' in this case means projected gross revenue. That translates as a guess pulled from wicked horrid dirty Litchywald anushole. Next is '12-month trailing' which would mean a BIGGER guess from said stinking Litchy anushole over 12 months. And 'gross revenues' would be that fiction BEFORE all the expenses, meaning the 'net' is really just another massive BridgeMark loss in the making.

So what does this breathless, amazingly timed load of fully fraudulent horsechit really mean? It means a now globally recognized conman is playing stupid with 2 BridgeMarkian acquisitions that nobody has ever heard of, which 'cost' a mountain of worthless (but free trading) shares. And hmmm what's this from Dec 27th? ... "1,705,000 stock options at a price of $0.15"
One other slight thing before cutting a cheque on this sure thing. These MFers don't 'do' the industry standard 30,60,90 days for 'revenue recognition' They do 120 days. This means nothing from this scamshow is GAAP to begin with. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) It also explains how they pretend to report a profit on their bogus prepared financials when they haven't collected a fukkin cent. This total chit needs to be halted, yesterday.
UPDATE: It is always true that doing due diligence on a Venture scam ain't rocket science. This dopeshow is no different. We look into enigmatic New York based acquisition '495 Communications' head office and oh chit, we find out why it's so enigmatic. 175 Varick Street, 6th Floor is a "We Work" rental.

Konstantin Lichtenwald

Latest in BridgeMark scammery is Good Life Networks Inc. (GOOD.v) "We own and operate disruptive patent-pending advertising technology." and "are committed to positioning ourselves ahead of the imminent convergence between Digital Advertising and Blockchain Technology."
Just for fun I checked the financials. $ 8.4m in receivables, $ 4.2m in current liabilities and all of $ 360k in cash. Yup, that's the definition of insolvent all righty.And WTF does that mean exactly? Who bloody knows and these dopes aren't saying. And who might the CFO be? Why it's the barking dog, massive fraud bean stroker Konstantin Lichtenwald. And the state of incoming beans you ask? Well, according to Lichenwald and this management fukkin aresome.

This joke isn't worth my time, however, it is a good example of a 'black box' scam. A 'black box' is a securities ploy where something is sooooo profitable, and soooooo secret it can't possibly be disclosed to public dum dums at all.
Perhaps the most famous recently used 'Black box' is that of Timminco that Eric Sprott used to steal a billion bucks. I would not touch this total chit with Eric Sprott's money.