Thursday, January 3, 2019

Alex Black's RIO2.v - A BridgeMark Conspiracy Theory

Insider Chart - Past 6 Months
We KNOW something is stinking with the way some $9.2m (after expenses) vanishes. These dopes aren't gonna say where the dough went so I'm guessing.

There was $ 9.2m in folding after May 31st 'subscription receipts' closed. That found it's way onto the books, temporarily. Precisely 4 months later (when the paper would be free trading) insiders of all stripes make market buys for some reason. Where did the cash for that come from?
There likely was some legitimate 'hard money' raised. Enough to grease the lawyer/director and insiders. The majority MUST HAVE been BridgeMark 'soft money'. That was flipped back to the scammers, if history is any guide. Essentially arse-cracks/insiders have bought RIO2.v paper with stakeholder's own money.

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