Saturday, January 19, 2019

Court rejects cocaine courier's 'innocent dupe' appeal

Ronald Learning's conviction for possession for the purpose of trafficking has been upheld on appeal. His 9 year sentence stands. Learning’s lawyer argued the case was circumstantial, and that his client was an “innocent dupe” with no knowledge of his cocaine cargo. The court said that theory was "speculative at best." Lead by B.C. man Brock Ernest Palfrey (sentenced in 2012 to 18 years in prison), the drug-shippers-for-hire moved 1.3 tonnes of cocaine across the Saskatchewan border and into B.C. in 2 years.
Learning became the substitute driver on a load of 30 kilos of cocaine, packed into hidden compartments in a Windstar van. The van was under surveillance from Saskatchewan to Salmon Arm, B.C., where Learning was arrested.

Dubbed 'Project Faril' the bust was one of Saskatchewan’s largest drug importation cases. The appeal decision was unanimous.

Brock Ernest Palfrey