Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Disney Social Clubs

So you sent your resume and the Hells Angels didn't get back to you for some reason. Fear not citizen. There are clubs that are slightly less exclusive. There's a Disney themed social club for everyone. The Big Bad Wolves for instance have impressive colors. They are rockabilly-themed. If that doesn't appeal try the MWA, or Mice With Attitude, whose patch features a scowling Mickey. If Star Wars is your thing there are the Order 66 and Dark Side Elite.
All is not lollipops and sunshine however. Reddit comments gripe about the social clubs’ habit of “ride takeovers.” This is where all members make it onto a ride at the same time.

Some groups are accused of taking up too much space in congested areas, or, worst of all, shouting obscure Disney trivia at each other while waiting in line. The clubs respond by saying they are being unfairly 'profiled'.
There has also been legal drama. A lawsuit was filed in 2017. According to the lawsuit, Main Street Firehouse Station 55 President John Sarno said he was approached by members of the White Rabbits, who demanded hundreds of dollars in protection money.

The chill from the lawsuit slowed down the clubs, as there was concern that Disney would ban colors from the park. That concern may be justified. Line-ups are long and the local's annual passes are relatively inexpensive compared to what tourists pay.
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