Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lisa Jackson - BridgeMark - 'Get to Know Lisa' - Update

lisa@lisajacksonrealty.comLets say howdy do to West Vancouver realtor Lisa Jackson, little woman to Anthony Kevin Jackson, part and parcel of the BridgeMark cabal and recently named in the ASC spanking of disgraced Micheal McPhie's Prize Resources. (PRZ.v)

According to her website she ... "exemplifies the integrity, energy, hard work and innovation necessary for positive experiences ..." Riiiiight, butt (_*_) there's more ... "vast educational and professional background ... combination of skill, experience and cutting-edge marketing"

Our girl takes the 'prize' for zero ethics, no question whatever on that one. Methinks the tax man ought to examine Lisa Jackson Realty and pronto.
Our gal is a too proud member of MacDonald Realty's West Vancouver office.

It's appearing the folks at MacDonald Realty either can't read newspapers at all or simply don't care about what their agents are doing to the members of the community they serve.
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