Thursday, January 10, 2019

No Excuses for Mobster cocaine importers

At the end of the landmark organized crime trial of Giuseppe Ursino, 65, and Cosmin Dracea, 42, they were asked by the judge if they wished to speak. Ursino, through an Italian translator, said he wasn't up to it. Dracea, however, spoke for more than five minutes.

“I tried to find excuses for myself and did not find one — besides being stupid, but that’s not an excuse” he said.
Despite the notoriety of the ’Ndrangheta as one of the most dangerous global crime threats, this case is the first in Canada of a superior court declaring it to be a criminal organization since anti-gangsterism legislation was adopted 20 years ago.

Ursino was convicted, among other charges, for trafficking cocaine and conspiracy to import cocaine related to a criminal organization; Dracea was convicted for trafficking of cocaine as well as conspiracy to import cocaine related to a criminal organization. The crown is seeking a 16-year sentence for Ursino and 14 years for Dracea.