Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Oz man Graham Leslie White linked to Melbourne fire, toxic waste, HA

Graham Leslie White, 57, recently had a serious run in with police. Reports say the Wallan-based businessman had high level bikie connections. Properties used as illegal chemical dumps in Melbourne’s north and the West Footscray factory were packed with drums of chemicals before it was burned to the ground. It is alleged the illicit stockpile of potentially millions of litres of toxic waste in Epping, Campbellfield and West Footscray was deliberately torched. The warehouse in West Footscray that burned down was one of the worst industrial blazes in decades.
Christopher James Baldwin has a very long history of doing business with key figures of the Hells Angels.An inspection at the warehouse in early August found no signs chemicals were being inappropriately stockpiled. In the weeks after the inspection, a series of large trailer trucks were observed entering the West Footscray property. Emergency responders reported seeing hundreds of drums inside the burning building. Testing has found high concentrations of acetone, benzene and other industrial solvents and toxins. All smoke was toxic.
Christopher James Baldwin
There is a strong connection between White and the owner of the West Footscray factory, Christopher James Baldwin.

In October 2018, White pleaded guilty in Melbourne Magistrates Court to possessing two or more unregistered firearms, possessing cartridge ammunition without a licence or permit, and possessing a prohibited weapon without exemption or approval.