Friday, January 4, 2019

Ponzi Scammer to wife - 'Drink the good wine, sell the Louis Vuitton'

Instead guards found the note hidden in the sock of the jailed con man.With his accounts frozen and supercars towed, Kevin B. Merrill, 53, planned to give his wife instructions to hide his remaining loot.
Prosecutors revealed the note in criminal charges filed against Amanda Merrill, his 30-year-old wife. They charged her with conspiracy, obstruction, disobeying a court order and removing property to prevent its seizure. Merrill collected rare wine and decorated his mansion with art of the Monopoly character 'Rich Uncle Pennybags'.

Merrill was headed to a jailhouse visit with his wife when prison guards found the note. “FUCK them. They have taken enough! Get stuff out!”
Prosecutors say the couple funded their lavish lifestyle with a $364 million Ponzi scheme.

Linda Wahlig, 66, a retiree in Monterey, Calif., said she lost $150,000 to Merrill. She had been saving the money to pay for her grandchildren’s college tuition.

Authorities are searching for a broker to sell off Merrill's fleet of 34 cars, motorcycles and boats that tops out with a $1.4 million Pagani Huayra.
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