Sunday, January 27, 2019

RCMP cocaine trial: colleague cop plays stupid basterd - Update

Former RCMP officer Craig Burnett is accused of stealing mountains of cocaine, but a colleague says he never knew or saw anything. RCMP Cpl. Mark Johnson was one of the officers who drove cocaine to an incinerator. At the incinerator, cops had to move the cocaine from the vehicle into the machine.
Johnson told the court he was fully clueless and noticed nothing. He suggested it would be 'hard' to replace the cocaine with something else and he would have noticed, 'probably'. Johnson was a friend who played golf and poker with Burnett. Burnett was going through a divorce, and Johnson said he knew about his financial troubles. He said Burnett stopped talking about money woes around the same time he bought a new BMW motorcycle.
Johnson said Burnett went on trips to the UK and the Caribbean. “I didn’t know if he remortgaged his house or what he did,” Johnson testified. Burnett is accused of stealing 10 kilograms of cocaine between 2010 and 2011.

He was eventually ratted out by the shill he recruited to sell the cocaine. He was 'forced' to retire and is now drawing his RCMP pension, which is likely more than most people earn. It will continue until his death.
There is currently a public fundraising campaign on FundRazor. "Craig has been forced into early retirement by the RCMP. This has been financially crippling." "Craig is an RCMP veteran with an impeccable 26 year record. He is being framed by two admitted criminals and is now fighting for his reputation and justice. If you wish to contribute to his fight, any donation will go directly to his legal fees."

It goes on and on ... " It is a stunning failure of Canada’s justice system, that charges were even laid on such a thin line of ‘evidence’. Since being devastated by these accusations and despite the overwhelming evidence..."

NOTE - His primary accuser has no criminal record.