Sunday, January 13, 2019

Robert Abenante of Abattis Bioceuticals (ATT.c) - Update III

With special thanks to an alert poster on Stockhouse we present the address for Barbara Barltrop. 904 Si-Em Heights, Lantzville, BC.

It appears to be Nanoose First Nation land. With 23,529,411 free trading ATT.c shares one assumes renovations are on Ms. Barltrop's agenda.
Today we congratulate Emma Hebert. This young lady stands to score a major share of 58,823,529 ATT.c shares, along with Violet McDoughall and Barbara Barltrop. It's amazing how an 'office assistant' can move into a major shareholder position with such ease. ONLY with Bo Bo Bert dishing off the shares you say?

One tends to agree. Surely she doesn't have "25 years experience with vast knowledge" because at best she was a child 25 years ago. Can one now suppose Bo Bo Bert is trying to find ANY prospectus exemption to rip idiots off? The punchline is that anybody with a grain of intelligence would realize the fraud game is already over. Not Bo Bo Bert. Bo Bo is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with securities enforcement in B.C.
If Bo Bo Bert Abenante isn't enough to cause total public outrage nothing is.
There's more trouble in paradise for Bo Bo Bert Abenante. On Jan 10th this offense announced it would be flipping off 58,823,529 shares (TO exemption) for NutriVida (1157016 B.C. Ltd.) A '3rd party' has surfaced and accused NutriVida of stealing 'proprietary formulations'. Second, Bo Bo said NutriVida "has been prominent in the fertilizer and cultivation industry for the past 25 years with vast wealth of knowledge ..." Fact is 1157016 B.C. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2018. That makes it about 9 months according to my non-Bo BoTardian math.
We suspect a problem exists with his disclosure. Specifically this 'news' has nothing to do with the prospects of the company.Our dopey anti-hero was very pleased with being removed from the BCSC temporary order. His stakeholder paid for lawyer was successful, and this pleased Bo Bo Bert immensely, so much so he issued a NR ... "Abattis is very happy with the BCSC's decision to remove the company from the order such that Abattis can continue to focus its efforts on revenue generation and building shareholder value," stated Rob Abenante"

Bo Bo Bert is slightly less happy this morning as ATT.v has been halted.
His sputum, aka stupidity, simply isn't 'news'. Our boy is without question fully impressed with the sound of his own dopey verbal turdisms, even in the face of being exposed and humiliated globally as a securities reprobate. That brand of grotesque obtuseness is fully amazing. Our boy has no business being ANYWHERE NEAR a public company.
Robert Abenante of Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. is pulling out all the stops, with stakeholder money, and is being featured on BNN Bloomberg and Stockhouse.
"We firmly believe this temporary order will be a small blip in the Company’s drive to build shareholder wealth."
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