Friday, February 1, 2019

Assassin Frédérick Silva on the run

Hired assassin Frédérick Silva is suspected of committing at least three homicides and one attempted murder. He has been elevated to the top of the ten most wanted criminals in Quebec. Said to be under constant police pursuit, the 38-year-old uses at least three fake identities and different "looks" to escape attention. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

It's reported Silva was captured on tape executing Sebastien "Bass" Beauchamps, a former member of a HA puppet club on December 20, 2018. He is also suspected of murdering Alessandro Vinci, the manager of a used car dealership in Laval on October 11.
He is already accused of attempted murder of mafia boss Salvatore Scoppa in February 2017, as well as a murder the night of May 24, 2017. Sources say Silva is a good example of organized crime in Quebec, where different groups are working together and exchange professional 'services.'

Police say Frédérick Silva is constantly on the move, staying in apartments rented for short periods and frequently changes his physical appearance. The public is being warned to not approach him and call police immediately if spotted.

Salvatore Scoppa
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