Monday, January 28, 2019

Bo Bo Bert Abenante - ATT.c - Suspended

Things have suddenly gotten mucho worse for Bo Bo Bert Abenante as it's now a 'policy 3' suspension.

Bo Bo is facing one or more 'regulatory concerns.' Most likely it's related to his far too easily uncovered lies related to TO target NutriVida. As was posted here the numbered B.C. company was registered last spring, whilst Bo Bo was the newly installed CEO of ATT.c. Bo Bo has much splaining to do and it surely doesn't look good for ATT.c shareholders. In the end it's always 'buyer beware' and Lord knows stakeholders had warnings up the poophole.
Poor Bo Bo Bert Abenante's deal of a lifetime has been halted for failure to file financials. Tsk Tsk.

More often than not this is the singular way utter Venture krap meets it's Waterloo. Whilst management often stroke their self-prepared numbers, it all comes crashing down when it's time to find an auditor to affix their signature to the rubbish.
It is this reality that will eventually sink most, if not all, the BridgeMarkians.
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