Saturday, February 2, 2019

BridgeMark's Albert Kenneth Tollstam and daughter Lisa Jackson

Lets say howdy do to recently retired city manager of North Vancouver and formerly one of B.C.’s highest-paid local government employees Mr. Albert Tollstam. He and his Tollstam & Company Chartered Accountants have been an integral component of the BridgeMark scam, intimately involved in scores of fraudulent deals. His name is plastered everywhere and without question he was a key operative, if not the ringleader, in the BridgeMark scam. Property records tell us how connected he is. Lisa Michelle Jackson is the co-owner of the no mortgage $15.8m mansion purchased in November, along with her FATHER Albert Tollstam.
The massive size of the BridgeMark scam is illustrated by the December hearing at BCSC offices, where so many lawyers showed up for so many different respondents that the executive commissioner began by stating that “for fire code reasons” some would be viewing the proceedings via a video feed. Lisa Jackson hung up on a reporter and did not answer a subsequent phone call. Alberta lawyer Craig Leggatt said he represented Jackson, but has not replied to subsequent emails or phone calls.

It's likely Leggatt was present for the latest Prize Mining (PRZ.v) hearing with the ASC on February 1 which named Lisa Jackson. Today, Feb 6th, it appears PRZ.v filed it's audited financials.