Friday, July 30, 2021

USP Florence ADMAX

Drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán escaped twice from maximum security prisons in Mexico. He won't be escaping from USP Florence ADMAX, a “supermax” penitentiary in Arizona. He is searched, shackled, and escorted by multiple officers every time he enters and leaves his soundproof cell, which is 7 feet by 12 feet. He is confined 23 hours per day. A single window 42 inches high and 4 inches wide allows some natural light but is made so prisoners cannot see beyond the building.
Cells have unmovable stools and desks made of concrete.

A recreation hour is allowed in an outdoor cage only slightly larger than the cell. Inside the cage, only the sky is visible.
Guzmán was assigned to the Special Security Unit, also called the H-Unit. These cells are reserved for inmates with DOJ-imposed Special Administrative Measures intended to strictly limit all communications with the outside world.
"As soon as they come through the door ... you see it in their faces," former ADX warden Robert Hood said. "The Supermax is life after death, it's long term, it's worse than death."