Monday, February 25, 2019

Fugitive serial career con man Marin Ghimes claims to be millionaire

Marin Michael Ghimes
Accused con man Marin Ghimes is charged with scamming realtors, a nurse and a priest among others. He is now wanted in three states after failing to appear in court last month on seven counts of theft by deception. Ghimes, also known as 'Michael Messina' and 'Peter DeLuca' has at least six non-extraditable arrest warrants in Texas and Florida and a history of similar crimes going back more than 25 years.

At the time of his latest arrest, Ghimes posed as wheelchair-bound and befriended elderly victims he met in hospitals or churches. Ghimes claims to be a millionaire but lost access to his money, lost his credit cards, and needed a place to stay. He got realtors to drive him around to show him expensive properties. Ghimes promised large donations to charities and a "home for children," while his victim covered a hotel bill of about $4,500. Ghimes then offered to purchase a BMW for his victim "for all the trouble" he had put him through.

Marin Michael Ghimes in 2014
When detectives came to arrest Ghimes he began complaining of chest pain. Cops obtained a warrant and searched Ghimes' room, where they found "multiple documents regarding vehicle purchases" in other people's names. Ghimes appeared to have been arrested in nine different states. Every time Ghimes was set to be transported to court for a bond hearing, he would complain of chest pain and be returned to the hospital. His indictment said he scammed seniors out of cars from a BMW dealership and a Toyota dealership as well as rooms at the Holiday Inn and Doubletree Hilton in Skokie. Ghimes never showed up to his scheduled court date. His current location is unknown.