Saturday, February 16, 2019

German Hamburg HA Boss paralyzed after shooting

Hells Angels boss Dariusch F. was shot in a drive-by shooting Oct 28 in Hamburg. The 38-year-old boss of the Hamburg branch was rushed to hospital after the shooter lowered the passenger window of a car and fired five times at point blank range. He is now at least partially paralyzed from the waist down.
Cops have charged Arash R. a senior ex-member of the now defunct Mongols and his girlfriend Lisa S. It's thought the attack was retaliation for an assassination attempt on the couple in late 2015.

Arash R. expressed his fierce hatred with the words "Fuck the Hells Angels" tattooed on his skull.
Arash R. vowed revenge after the attack on him and his girlfriend. "I want to destroy you. I'm waiting for you alone and I'm ready to give up everything to find you." The Hells Angels have emerged as strong as ever from the conflict instigated by the Mongols.