Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mob prosecutor Fred Wyshak takes on Insys Therapeutics Inc.

When mob prosecutor Fred Wyshak suddenly appeared in court a few months before the trial of seven former Insys Therapeutics Inc. executives accused of bribing doctors to boost sales of an opioid, two of them quickly flipped and pleaded guilty.

Wyshak brought down Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger. Now he’s the hammer in another RICO racketeering case, helping bring down company founder John Kapoor and four others.
Money is no object for Kapoor. He's hired Beth Wilkinson, who has represented blue-chip corporate clients including Microsoft, Major League Baseball in antitrust cases, and Pfizer Inc. 'Rats' former CEO Michael Babich and ex-sales chief Alec Burlakoff are expected to testify as early as next week in the case. They will say that Kapoor ordered them to bribe doctors to write more and higher-dosage prescriptions for his fentanyl-based and highly addictive Subsys painkiller.

Babich said that Kapoor decried the rollout of the drug Subsys as the “worst fucking launch in pharmaceutical history” because patients stopped using it after only a few months.
Nurse Heather Alfonso testified that she collected more than $82k from Insys over an 18-month span from 2013 to 2015. That’s about what her annual salary was. She said cash 'gifts' from Insys were common.

Wyshak was portrayed as a no-nonsense prosecutor in 'Black Mass' a 2015 movie featuring Johnny Depp as Bulger.
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