Thursday, February 21, 2019

Oz cops intercept 1.4 tonnes of ephedrine

Australian cops seized 1.4 tonnes of precursor ephedrine, which could have been used to make 1 tonne of meth with a street value of 700m Australian dollars ($500m US). Investigators said they were tipped off by Chinese authorities about a syndicate suspected of importing commercial quantities of drugs into Melbourne. Border authorities intercepted a container arriving from China labelled as ceramic tiles and glue, but contained 260 bags of ephedrine. Police said they switched the ephedrine with an inert substance and delivered the shipment. Police arrested two Australian men, aged 53 and 55, as well as two Chinese nationals, both aged 26.
The Australians have been charged with importing commercial quantities of precursors, while the Chinese men were each charged with attempting to import commercial quantities of precursors. They face maximum prison sentences of 25 years.