Saturday, February 2, 2019

Oz gangster John Macris execution

Sydney gangster John Macris was executed on October 31 outside his home in Athens. Macris was blasted with a 9mm four times. Fast cars, luxury mansions, flashy clothes and designer women, murdered Sydney gangster John Macris laid claim to all of it in his 46 years.
John Macris moved to Greece from Australia in 2013 and owned a number of nightclubs. He was married to Viktoria Karyda – a former Playboy model and reality TV contestant. He has been revealed as the head of an international drug-smuggling syndicate.

Greek police believe the shooting was part of a war between Athen's criminal gangs. A well-known Greek "mafia figure" and suspected contract killer was shot the same day in the nearby port of Piraeus. In 2012, the notorious Ibrahim family in Australia were cleared of conspiring to murder him. Evidence in court suggested a $1.4m debt may have started the feud.

Sam, Michael and John Ibrahim