Friday, February 8, 2019

Spanked by BCSC's Dougie Muir

So citizens. This man is UBER bigshot Dougie Muir, head of pee pee pulling or something or other at the BCSC. Did he e-mail to congratulate me for doing virtually all the 'investigating' into the massive large BridgeMark scam that occurred for years under his fully incompetent nose? Not exactly ... "Your emails to the BCSC over the past few days have been aggressive and abusive towards staff, and you have not provided any useful or relevant information."

I think I'm gonna cry. Soooo unappreciated, sniff. Sadly none of these overcompensated dopes, including puller/stroker Dougie, will reveal their 'retention bonuses.' Grrrrr my doodle.

One wishes Dougie and his overpaid peons could find the time to bust the open securities criminals scamming folks in the clear open instead of harassing bloggers doing their fukkin jobs for them.