Thursday, March 28, 2019

HA Ken Wagner in the big house again

Ken Wagner, Jason Meyer, Gerald Ward, Donald Bachensky, Timothy Panetta and John Cane.
A founding member of the Niagara chapter of Hells Angels remains jailed in connection with an investigation into threats and extortion. Kenneth Wagner, 53, faces a slew of charges including extortion using a firearm, uttering threats, possession of proceeds of crime and unauthorized possession of a firearm.
It was 2008 when police took 2kg of meth, 10kg of cocaine and 500,000 ecstasy pills off the streets. Of the 24 people arrested, 15 were Hells Angels. Kenneth Wagner was sentenced to 11 years in prison, the first man convicted using the new “boss offence” law. Wagner forfeited $150k cash, a Harley-Davidson and his truck. Wagner’s associate was Gerald “Skinny” Ward, the man who acted as boss and was considered the “number one man.”