Saturday, March 16, 2019

Infamous Guns

Two guns once owned by Bonnie and Clyde sold for over half a million dollars. Clyde Barrow's 1911 Colt .45 automatic sold for $240k. Bonnie Parker's .38 Detective Special that she had taped to her thigh when she was killed in a hail of gunfire in 1934 sold for $264k.

An online bidder paid $130k for a .45 Tommy gun and $80k for an 1897 12-gauge shotgun that were seized from one of the duo's hideouts in 1933. Lawmen seized the weapons on April 13, 1933 after a bloody raid on an apartment in Joplin where the Barrow Gang were holed up. Two lawmen were killed.

Al Capone’s Colt .25 semi-automatic pistol sold for over $16,000 in 2012.
His Colt .38 revolver sold for $110,000 at a Christie's 2011 auction in London.

John Dillinger's derringer, a miniature pistol that was found in the outlaw's sock when he was arrested in 1934 sold for $45,000.

The wooden gun Dillinger famously used to escape from the Crown Point, Indiana jail sold for $19,000.

A purse pistol Jesse James gave his wife, Zee, to commemorate the birth of their daughter sold for $20,000.

On October 5, 1892 five members of the Dalton Gang rode into the small town of Coffeyville, Kansas. After a failed bank robbery, the ensuing firefight killed four townspeople and four members of the Dalton Gang.

$ 50,000.
Hitler received this pistol as a gift on his 50th birthday from Carl Walther. It sold in 1987 for $114,000

The 44.-caliber Smith & Wesson that killed Jesse James: $350,000
This Colt Single Action Army .45 revolver is believed to have belonged to Jesse James. In 2013 Texas-based Heritage Auctions attempted to auction it with a starting bid of $400,000.