Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Moving day for NY Hells Angels

The HA have been vacating their East Village clubhouse. The bikers are leaving behind a plaque commemorating “Big Vinnie” Girolamo, along with his motto, “When in doubt, knock ’em out.” The biker died in 1979 before he could stand trial for throwing Mary Ann Campbell off the roof of the clubhouse to her death. He believed she was an informant.
After 50 years at 77 E. Third St. where are they going? “We don’t know” said one. Criminal defense lawyer Ron Kuby has represented the club for years. He dismissed claims that the Hells Angels are into rackets and operate like organized crime. “Think of it as a church,” he said of the group. “Members of clergy who violate the law don’t make the church a criminal enterprise.”

The New York City Hells Angels are actually incorporated in New York State as the Church of the Angels, a nonprofit religious organization. That name was used when club members purchased the property in 1977, for a reported $1,900.
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