Wednesday, March 27, 2019

UK Botox beautician a gangster's moll

Bretony Gallimore, 27, tours the country carrying out cosmetic procedures on men and women at their homes in events often dubbed "botox parties". She has no insurance or any medical qualifications.

In June 2016 she was jailed for three years for helping her drug dealer boyfriend hide after murdering a gang rival. The gangster's moll helped career crook Anthony Henry evade cops after the cold-blooded shooting of Kieran McGrath, 26.
Gallimore was jailed alongside Henry, then 31, and his two accomplices Jace Smith, 31, and Troy Beckford, 23. They received life sentences.

Gallimore's cosmetic surgery site offers "anti wrinkle treatments", "derma fillers", "lip enhancement" and "vampire facials". Lip fillers alone cost an average of £300 in a clinic, but are around £220 at her parties.