Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vancouver fraudster Mark Chandler in California jail

The B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed Chandler’s appeal of last year’s decision by the B.C. Supreme Court that he be extradited. Immediately after Monday’s ruling, Chandler’s lawyers sought leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Chandler is fighting extradition to the U.S. to face fraud charges dating back to 2009 involving a purported condominium project in Los Angeles.

Chandler’s argument is that the requesting state’s evidence against him is unreliable. Last month, B.C.’s real estate watchdog issued a formal notice of hearing alleging Chandler mishandled more than $10 million of deposits from home buyers for a Langley condo project called Murrayville House.
Langley-based developer Mark Chandler is accused of fraud in California following an FBI investigation. The charges resulted from an investigation into a development project known as Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles between 2008 and 2011. “The record of the case portrays a fraud that does not exist,” said Chandler’s lawyer.

The judge disagreed, and ordered Chandler extradited to face trial in the U.S. Chandler will appear before judges of the B.C. Court of Appeal on Feb. 15 to appeal the decision. Lawyers say he may appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Chandler is best known for the Murrayville House project, which dissolved into multiple lawsuits in 2017.
The project is being investigated by the RCMP.Some would-be buyers waited years as repeated construction delays stalled the project. Units in the development were sold to two, three, or even four purchasers. All contracts were voided in court. The 'developer' has accumulated a long list of lawsuits, including from an American private jet leasing agency, a Vancouver yacht charter company, a Ferrari Maserati dealership, and a waterfront Hawaii getaway.