Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fentanyl dealer Leslie McCulloch runs no more - busted

Leslie McCulloch, also known as Alexander Lester Kreed, was arrested on a Canada-wide warrant. The former Hells Angels associate had earned himself a spot on the Crime Stoppers most wanted list after failing to attend a court sentencing. A team of Kelowna Mounties were deployed to the Lower Mainland to track him down. They arrested McCulloch inside a restaurant located in Langley.
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Facebook used to profile and kill Kenyan 'gangsters'

A suspected death squad operating inside Kenya's police force is using Facebook to target and kill young men they believe to be gang members.
Community leaders explain how suspected criminals were profiled within various Facebook groups by "gangster hunters". "They profile them on Facebook, and put pictures of their dead bodies on Facebook." The posted photos, sometimes showing close-up shots of heads split open by bullets and eviscerated bodies, usually come with a warning that the same fate awaits other criminals.
The first unofficial police Facebook account appeared under the name Hessy wa Kayole [Hessy from Kayole]. "Hessy became the shadowy crime-hunter, the mystical lone ranger."

Spreading on social media, more Facebook accounts with names of gang hunters from other crime-ridden residential estates started to appear. In a single month between 10 and 12 police killings of suspected gangsters were published on a now closed Facebook group called Nairobi Crime Free.

Manitoba Hells Angels president Dale Jason Sweeney POed

Manitoba Hells Angels president Dale Jason Sweeney is serving a 10-year sentence at Stony Mountain for his role in a drug trafficking ring. He alleges Corrections Canada is trying to interfere with his parole chances. His lawyer says he is up for parole again in June.

Sweeney says prison officials infringed on his "right to life, liberty and security of person" when it reclassified his security threat level and moved him from a minimum-security unit to medium.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Massive 1.6 tonne Cocaine shipment busted in Rotterdam

Police and customs officials have seized 1.6 tonnes of cocaine with a street value of €40m, hidden in a shipment of bananas from Costa Rica. The bananas were in a container at Rotterdam port, but were allowed through so that police could see where they were being taken too. Cops followed the shipment to Dordrecht, where they arrested a 40-year-old Bulgarian.
In Feb prosecutors said officials had found a record 19 tonnes of cocaine hidden in shipments at Rotterdam port last year. In total,18,947 kilos of cocaine were discovered in 109 separate deliveries. This is three times the amount found in 2017.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Hong Kong seizes another 250kg of Cocaine

Hong Kong customs officers have seized HK$240 million (US$30.5 million) worth of cocaine in a series of raids on a four-star hotel room and two flats that led to the arrest of two male foreigners. The amount of cocaine captured is at least 250kg. It was the biggest haul of the drug made by local customs officers in seven years, and is the third major cocaine bust in just two months.
The last three large cocaine seizures in Hong Kong amount to nearly 700kg – already much more than the total amount of cocaine confiscated in the city in all of 2018.

UK Drug dealer caught with 49 heroin and cocaine wraps up his ass

UK cops nailed John Ellison, 29, and Kadell Rivers, 24 after police stopped their Audi A3 in Cheshire. Officers found four mobile phones and cash.

The court heard the case against the pair began after River’s Audi was spotted travelling into the Winsford area of Cheshire on a number of occasions.​ ​ Two weeks later on March 7, officers pulled over the Audi on King Street near Northwich.​

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Playstation rears ugly head in German Biker Dispute

Bandidos boss Aykut Öztuna and HA member Orhan A. had some splaining to do in German court. In January, Orhan A. allegedly pulled a magnum revolver and threatened Aykut Öztuna with it. Then he hit him and the men ran into the street. Several shots were fired. The same day, shots were fired at Hells Angels in a bar.
Orhan A. had his lawyer give a good reason for the dispute.

"My client was tired because he was up all night playing Fifa 18 on the Playstation, and was very irritable."

Friday, April 26, 2019

Kahnawake men on trial for organized crime from tobacco smuggling bust

Derek White and Hunter Montour.
A jury will begin deliberations next week in the trial of two Mohawk men from Kahnawake, Que., facing charges in connection with the Sûreté du Québec's largest ever operation targeting a contraband tobacco ring. Sixty people were arrested on March 30, 2016 in connection with Operation Mygale, an investigation into the smuggling of tobacco.
Derek White has pleaded not guilty to three counts of fraud, three counts of conspiracy to commit fraud and profiting from organized crime, while Hunter Montour has pleaded not guilty to aiding organized crime. The Crown argued White was the head of his own criminal organization that smuggled tobacco into Quebec without paying federal excise duties or Quebec taxes, and Montour was a member of that criminal organization.

Pat Musitano changed Hamilton's underworld

In July 1997, Niagara Falls mobster Carmen Barillaro — lieutenant to Hamilton kingpin Johnny 'Pops' Papalia — was murdered in the doorway of his home. The 9mm used to kill Barillaro was fired by Kenneth Murdock, a hitman hired by a rival mob family. Three months earlier Murdock shot and killed Papalia in Hamilton, and the killings effectively wiped out the leadership of the Papalia crime family. Murdock was acting on orders from the Musitano crime family.

The murders did more than cripple a top crime family. They unwittingly opened the door for the Hells Angels.
Pat Musitano and his brother Angelo Musitano pleaded guilty in 1998 for ordering the hit on Barillaro and were sentenced to 10 years in prison. They were both released in 2006. Angelo was shot and killed in 2017 in Waterdown. Six months after Murdock was sentenced, the Sherbrooke chapter arrived in Niagara Falls for a "biker summit." A critical meeting between Hells Angel Walter 'Nugget' Stadnick and Gerald 'Skinny' Ward of Welland occurred. The bikers wanted Ward to become the leader of a new Hells Angels chapter in Niagara. The Outlaws were a shadow of their former glory and with Barillaro gone there was no effective opposition left.
Walter Stadnick
By 2006 the Hells Angels were the undisputed masters.In December 1999 nearly every Ontario Outlaw biker patched over to become Hells Angels. The Niagara chapter led by Ward was based out of a fortified clubhouse on Darby Road in Welland.

The Hells Angels were betrayed by one of their own. Oshawa biker Stephen Gault became a police informant. It was a blow the club has yet to recover from.
Gault wore a wire and recorded Ward bragging about his operation.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hamilton mobster Pat Musitano shot in Mississauga

Hamilton mobster Pat Musitano was shot in Mississauga on Thursday morning. Peel cops said on Twitter that officers were called to the area of Hurontario Street and Matheson Boulevard East at 7 a.m. for reports of a man with gunshot wounds. He was rushed to a trauma centre where he remains in life-threatening condition. The mobster was shot at least four times — including in the face — and is in critical condition.

Musitano's brother, Angelo, was gunned down in the driveway of his Waterdown, Ont., home on May 2, 2017.
Musitano's uncle, Tony, died last week of natural causes. His funeral was held just yesterday at Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King in Hamilton.

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Gregory Woolley busted with prison package

Gregory (Picasso) Woolley, 47, seemed bored as he appeared before a Quebec Court Judge and admitted that, on Jan. 2, 2018, he was in possession of 32 grams of meth and 20 grams of pot. The exchange was captured on a surveillance camera inside jail, and guards found Woolley holding the drugs soon after. The package also contained a cell phone. It means an extra month in jail for the undisputed street gang leader of Montreal.
Gregory Woolley is widely seen as the "godfather of blacks." He plays a critical role in Montreal's underworld.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Gangsters make record books

The murder trial of two gangsters known for their spectacular prison escape by helicopter has gone down in the record books.

Since April 6, the 12 jurors in charge of judging Denis Lefebvre and Yves Denis for two murders and an involuntary manslaughter debated behind closed doors for an 18th consecutive day without being able to agree on verdicts. The jury has passed the mark for the longest deliberations of a criminal trial, both in Quebec and Canada.

Serge Pomerleau
The men are accused in the manslaughter of Kevin Walter, and the murders of Johnny Coutu and Benoit Denis, who were killed in Rouyn-Noranda, Laval and Montreal respectively.

The duo was said to be at the head of a network linked to the Hells Angels which trafficked 650 kilos of cocaine in Abitibi between 2007 and 2010. On June 7, 2014, the accused and the boss of their network, Serge Pomerleau, managed to escape from the Orsainville prison in Quebec City by boarding a helicopter to pick them up in an outdoor courtyard.
The fugitives were captured on June 22, 2014.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Trainspotting star Bradley Welsh executed for £10k

A hitman was paid £10,000 to kill ex-boxer Bradley Welsh outside his home in Scotland. Welsh, 48, was killed outside his home in Edinburgh when a gunman shot him in the head at point-blank range. Sources say the T2 Trainspotting actor was killed over his link to cocaine baron Mark Richardson. Richardson, 32, is serving an eight-year prison sentence for a massive cocaine operation.

It is claimed a £50,000 bounty has been offered to anyone who carries out Richardson's execution.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Hells Angels to Hillel’s Angels

Siegel insisted that the swastikas had no meaning beyond shock value.Stanley Siegel was the criminal defense attorney for the club in New York. It seems odd for a Jewish attorney to represent a gang known for swastikas and SS regalia, but the Hells Angels respected their lawyer.

The documentary 'Hells Angels Forever' features Howie Weisbrod. Not only he was the vice president of the club, but also Jewish. In a thick New York accent Weisbrod says “You can say we’re fascistic, anti-Semitic or whatever. I guess I’m the proof that we ain’t. Because I’m Jewish and I sure ain’t a fascist and I sure ain’t anti-Semitic because I sure don’t hate myself!”

“As far as what my religious beliefs are—my religious beliefs are the Hells Angels. That’s my religion, my way of life, my profession. Everything!”
In an acclaimed photo, a photographer captured a member of the Swiss chapter of the Hells Angels wearing his colors along with a yarmulke and tefillin, hand on the Western Wall—praying. He walked up to him and asked him, ‘What does a Hells Angel pray for? He answered ‘Like any other human being. My parents, my wife and two children—and little for myself.'

Being of the Jewish faith doesn’t matter when it comes to being a Hells Angels. “I don’t think they care one way or the other. As long as you’re a Hells Angel, that’s their major concern. Once you become a Hells Angel, it doesn’t matter where you come from… you’re a Hells Angel”

Being a Hells Angel is not a religion; it’s belonging to something. Once you belong, your background doesn't matter.

Hells Angels v Redbubble

HAMC Australia, as exclusive licensee of Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (HAMC US), alleged Redbubble had infringed the copyright in the membership card image. To establish copyright infringement, HAMC Oz first had to prove HAMC US was the owner of the copyright in the Membership Card image for the purposes of Australian law. That meant an assignment of copyright had to be in writing. It wasn't.

The court eventually ruled that HAMC Oz was an authorized user and did have standing to sue Redbubble for trade mark infringement. Damages in this case were minimal, meaning HAMC Oz ate all their legal fees. A 'win' but one costing dearly.
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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bloody hand print sinks Alaska HA Craig 'Oakie' King

Multiple members of the white supremacist 1488 gang lured 34-year-old Michael Staton to the home of Craig King in August 2017. Staton was a member of the 1488s. King believed Staton had stolen from him, including his Hells Angels cut. King offered members of the 1488 gang drugs and money if they brought Staton to him.

King is accused of preparing a room in the duplex where he lived in advance of Staton's brutal beating. He put down plastic, which ended up tearing and leaving behind a hand print in blood residue that investigators would find later.
Cell phone records showed King in active communication with 1488 members trying to locate and set up Staton. King is one of eight people charged in the murder. Two have already pleaded guilty.

It was decided King represented a risk and will be kept in custody in Seattle until his trial.