Thursday, April 11, 2019

33 arrested in Quebec drug bust targeting HA

Cops in Quebec arrested 33 after 37 searches across the Province. Two kilograms of cocaine and 27k meth pills were seized, along with 23 vehicles, $120k, four firearms, and six cuts of the club.

Two of those arrested were Claude Gauthier and Pascal Facchino of the Trois-Rivières chapter. Cops had secretly installed a microphone inside Gauthier's home in Nicolet, according to Le Journal. Gauthier and Facchino were recorded talking about 'business' in the midst of the wiretapping operation.

Claude Gauthier
They have been targets since 2018. It's thought they moved 10kg of cocaine per month. Their monthly 'tax' was set at $ 50,000, or 10% of the sales revenue.

Pascal Facchino