Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bloody hand print sinks Alaska HA Craig 'Oakie' King

Multiple members of the white supremacist 1488 gang lured 34-year-old Michael Staton to the home of Craig King in August 2017. Staton was a member of the 1488s. King believed Staton had stolen from him, including his Hells Angels cut. King offered members of the 1488 gang drugs and money if they brought Staton to him.

King is accused of preparing a room in the duplex where he lived in advance of Staton's brutal beating. He put down plastic, which ended up tearing and leaving behind a hand print in blood residue that investigators would find later.
Cell phone records showed King in active communication with 1488 members trying to locate and set up Staton. King is one of eight people charged in the murder. Two have already pleaded guilty.

It was decided King represented a risk and will be kept in custody in Seattle until his trial.