Monday, April 15, 2019

HA have left the building - Snowflake Millenials turf Bikers

To the great relief of 'hang-arounds' and 'prospects' doing all the heavy lifting, the move has been completed and 77 East Third Street has no trace of Harleys or their owners. The infamous park-style sidewalk bench, interesting to look at but extremely dangerous for civilians to sit on, is gone.

Big Vinnie
In recent years, parking-space tussles resulted in beatings and a shooting; a woman who pounded on the door was badly beaten. In 1978 president Vincent (Big Vinny) Girolamo, allegedly pushed his girlfriend off the roof to her death. He died of stab wounds before standing trial.
Uncountable evil glares and bad vibes were doled out after unwanted bench-sitting, dog-peeing, car parking or photography. It's all a thing of the past.

Things ought to be much quieter now. New tenants will be paying a minimum of $ 2,750 per month and some up to $ 3,500 per month, all on one year leases. That means they best have full-time jobs.
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