Thursday, April 18, 2019

Melbourne factory fire - links to 'criminal operation' and Hells Angels

A Melbourne factory that exploded into a chemical inferno is linked to another factory that went up in flames last August.
The blaze choked suburbs with thick toxic smoke and caused schools to close. An investigation, launched after the West Footscray fire, identified "an alleged criminal operation" involving over a dozen Melbourne sites where vast amounts of hazardous chemicals are being stored, in most cases unlicensed.
Christopher Baldwin, owner of the West Footscray site leased by White.

Graham White outside one of the sites inspected
Code-named Operation Hydrogen, the EPA investigation led the regulator to numerous locations — including the Campbellfield site that exploded in flames, where it found over 35 million litres of hazardous chemicals. The alleged criminal operation "involved the acceptance of chemical waste from various businesses for a fee, which is then stockpiled in warehouses".

Graham White was jailed last week after a large haul of illegal weapons was discovered when police raided his western Victorian property. Documents state there is anecdotal evidence he is "linked to the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang". "The financial benefits for White and his associates probably total millions of dollars."
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