Saturday, April 27, 2019

Search for Dutch Schultz lost Treasure

Dutch Schultz (Arthur Flegenheimer; Aug 6, 1902 – Oct 24, 1935) was a New York City gangster of the 1920s and 1930s who made his fortune in activities such as bootlegging, loan sharking, the numbers racket, and murder. Schultz became a powerful figure in the New York crime world. Along with other rackets, Schultz began extorting New York restaurant owners and workers. Gangsters who skimmed the take didn't last long.

"Dutch Schultz was ugly; he had been drinking and suddenly he had his gun out. Schultz wore his pistol under his vest, tucked inside his pants, right against his belly. One jerk at his vest and he had it in his hand. All in the same quick motion he swung it up, stuck it in Jules Martin's mouth and pulled the trigger. It was as simple and undramatic as that—just one quick motion of the hand. Dutch Schultz did that murder just as casually as if he were picking his teeth.”
As Martin contorted on the floor, Schultz apologized to Davis for killing someone in front of him.

When Davis later read a newspaper story about Martin's murder, he found out that the body was found with a dozen stab wounds to the chest. When Davis asked Schultz about this, the boss dead-panned, "I cut his heart out."
Schultz was said to have buried $7m in cash, jewels, gold and other valuables in a safe in a remote section of upstate New York.

The owners of the Lodge at Harrisburg Lake were surprised to hear from the producer of a television show.
The TV crew wanted to come to the western edge of Stony Creek because a researcher had concluded Dutch Schultz may have buried his loot near the property.
Schultz was known to frequent the area in the 1930s. He also was integrally involved in gambling in Saratoga Springs, and had an aunt who lived nearby. Schultz also hid out from the FBI and IRS on Tenant Mountain just to the south in Saratoga County.