Friday, July 9, 2021

Two charged in cocaine seized at Port of Montreal - Flashback

With a wholesale price of about $40k per kilo, the value of the spring 2019 cocaine seizure was at least $3.64m.

The newspaper reported HA Mario Brouillette financed the shipment.
The Montreal Journal said cops used subterfuge to catch the crooks. After the container was intercepted by the CBSA, the cocaine was replaced with fake drugs. They then waited for it to be picked up.
Mario Brouillette in 2011
Tudor Donciu, 32, and Patrick Simionescu, 26 were busted. Both men were born in Romania.
They were arrested at a warehouse on St-Urbain St. after CBSA inspectors discovered more than 81kg of cocaine in a shipping container at the port.
Both are charged with importing cocaine and trafficking.