Thursday, May 2, 2019

B.C. casino in ‘co-operation with organized crime’

A casino whistleblower has come forward with documents, including handwritten casino journal notes from the 1990s, that appear to record the moment when Macau-style money laundering exploded in B.C.

She believed the Big Circle Boys, a transnational heroin-trafficking cartel rooted in China, Macau and Hong Kong had moved in. With ties to Hong Kong underground banks and drug supply in Burma, the Big Circle Boys control North America’s heroin trade. With connections to officials and factories in China, they also dominate the fentanyl trade.
Documents suggest the government opened the gates to casino money laundering in 1997 without having the proper regulatory structure or gambling laws in place. Bet limits on baccarat — the game favored in Macau casino money laundering — were raised repeatedly, starting at $500 per hand in 1997 and eventually growing to $100,000 per hand in 2014.