Saturday, September 5, 2020

BridgeMark Scam MEAT.c - Tara Haddad update IV

Latest from these 'people' comes the news that Health Canada banned MEAT.c 'crab cakes' on August 15 because of Salmonella. These scum disclosed nothing, not even to the people getting sick eating their garbage.
"The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a food recall warning for Modern brand Tarragon Remoulade and ‘Crab’ Cakes. The Modern Meat Inc. is recalling the products from the marketplace due to possible Salmonella contamination." "...recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the place where they were bought."

Beautiful. These open scum were/are poisoning people and what happened to the NR warning them? Oh, I remember, they were 'sold out' and needed a bigger production facility to meet huge demand.®ion=C
"Both the Remoulade and the ‘Crab Cakes’ were made with onions grown by Thomson International Inc. of Bakersfield, California, the subject of a recall for a variety of onions first issued August 1, 2020."

9-9-2020 there have been 457 confirmed cases of salmonella in Canada with 66 requiring hospital. British Columbia (107), Alberta (257), Saskatchewan (33), Manitoba (25), Ontario (11), Quebec (23) and Prince Edward Island (1).
tarahaddad@royallepage.caGraeme Wood at Glacier Media has done superior work related to the massive BridgeMark fraud. Failed West Vancouver candidate Tara Haddad is a certified public accountant, and a realtor with Royal Lepage Sussex in West Vancouver. Haddad is the sole director of Saiya Capital Corporation, which was a respondent to the BCSC action. Haddad is the sister of prolific penny stock scammmer Anthony Jackson and the CEO of MEAT.c.

The BridgeMark cabal includes Justin Liu, a man with connections to the Hells Angels in Kelowna. Along with his mother, mountains of illicit and often terrible quality pot was sold, openly.
May Joan Liu
For those just tuning in, the BridgeMark crew are doing another scam right this instant. MEAT.c.

Abeir Haddad
Wickedly dirty realtor Shahin Behroyan, a former director of Navis, the shell of MEAT.c was found guilty of professional misconduct for demanding a seller grease him for a $75,000 bonus. He has been told to hand over his real estate licence for five years. He's appealing. Behroyan also faces two criminal charges, one of aggravated assault and another of assault. Behroyan's close associate is Amin Lahijani, another realtor intimately connected to multiple BridgeMark scams.
Shahin Behroyan
Amin Lahijani

Anthony Jackson had 1.6m shares (pre-split) before his resignation. Post split is something around 3.2m.
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Intimately connected with the fully gruesome twosome Lahijani and Behroyan is none other than agent Teressa Decotiis of the Hells Angels connected Decotiis family. And WHO was directly involved in Behroyan's $75k scam for half? Yup.
See ----->Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and the Decotiis family
The Decotiis siblings hired senior Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and his brother Rocco in a long running family feud. Brandon Vito Hughes is thereafter whacked after multiple threats. Then the Decotiis finances the Hells Angels expansion into Kelowna to the tune of at least $700k, which was unsecured for over a year. Further, Teressa Decotiis was intimately involved every step of the way as management of Amacon, the corporate entity that advanced funds to Dipopolo.