Sunday, July 19, 2020

BridgeMark Scam - Tara Haddad update

tarahaddad@royallepage.caGraeme Wood at Glacier Media has unveiled another blockbuster related to the massive BridgeMark fraud. Failed West Vancouver candidate Tara Haddad is a certified public accountant, and a realtor with Royal Lepage Sussex in West Vancouver. Haddad is the sole director of Saiya Capital Corporation, which is also a respondent to the BCSC action. Haddad is the sister of prolific penny stock promoter/scammmer Anthony Jackson. Haddad used a BridgeMark email on the exempt distribution report.

The Jackson family cabal is being revealed, piece by piece. Anthony Jackson's 'partner' outside the family is thought to be Justin Liu, a man with high level connections to the Hells Angels in Kelowna.
For those just tuning in, the BridgeMark crew are doing another scam right this very instant. MEAT.c. Not only are these busted red-handed MFers doing it again, they are doing it RIGHT UNDER the grossly overpaid dope's nose at the BCSC. To be a securities criminal in B.C. is to openly steal without any reason to fear getting caught, because you won't be.

Anthony Jackson had 1.6m shares (pre-split) before his resignation. Post split is something around 3.2m.
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