Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Former HA Darren Dawson charged in hit and run of 4 year old

Cops were slow to name the hit and run biker who ran down a four-year-old boy, leaving him in life-threatening condition. In a Toronto courtroom Darren Dawson was allowed to wear his hoodie pulled over his face. Dawson, 31, is the son of late Hells Angels William “Billy” Dawson. He followed his father into the 1% world of the Hells Angels.
Sometime over the past few years he was stripped of his patches for reasons unknown. It seems likely that a HA caught after running away from an incident like this would similarly lose their colours for showing cowardice and bringing public disrepute to the club.

It appears Darren Dawson isn't close to what his old man was.
Darren Dawson would be 'out in bad standing.' Depending on his transgression that could mean anything from being shunned to being under threat of attack on sight.