Friday, May 31, 2019

Gangster Kwok Chung Tam loves Canadian legal system

A forged Chinese ID Card that shows Tam with the name of an alias.Kwok Chung Tam is a 61-year-old convicted drug trafficker and an alleged kingpin of the notorious Chinese crime cartel, the Big Circle Boys. He's lived in Canada for over 30 years, with immigration officials trying to deport him virtually since day one. Files stretching back to 1988 outline nearly three decades of criminal activity and Tam’s connections to organized crime.

Tam arrived at Vancouver International Airport on Dec. 5, 1988. Tam made a refugee claim, saying he feared persecution.
He claimed he would face “severe punishment” from the Chinese government because of his support of pro-democracy student protests. Court files show the Vancouver police and the RCMP were investigating Tam for links to organized crime and heroin trafficking as early as 1990. He lead a home invasion and robbery team. In June 1996 his refugee claim was finally rejected. He appealed. A police raid in 1998 found weapons, ammunition and raw heroin. The charges were eventually dropped after an unacceptable court delay. The charges also held up Tam's deportation. Tam was also charged with conspiracy to import and traffic heroin in 1999. Tam was acquitted of these charges in 2002 after wiretap evidence was tossed.

In December 2004 — six months after CIC said it was ready to deport him — Tam received “stage one” approval to remain in Canada on “humanitarian and compassionate” grounds. After the 2004 “positive” immigration decision, investigations into Tam’s many criminal activities continued.
Tam was charged with various drug trafficking and possession charges and in August 2010, was convicted of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. He was given a 15-month conditional sentence, which included house arrest and a weapons ban. Throughout this process Tam was again prevented from being deported. In December 2015, following the negative immigration decision from a month earlier, Tam’s lawyer submitted an appeal to the federal court. There is no date set for Tam's removal.
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