Saturday, May 25, 2019

'Hundreds' of Mexican Gangsters entered Canada since visa waived

A report says criminals connected to the drug trade are plying their trade as importers, middlemen and hitmen in Canada. All because Justin Trudeau dropped the visa requirement for Mexicans. Sources revealed there are 400 criminals who have recently entered Canada to traffic drugs — half of them living in Quebec while the other half mainly in Toronto.
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale
Mexican asylum claims skyrocketed when Trudeau waived the visa, going up from 260 in 2016 to over 3,300 in 2018. Romualdo Lopez-Herrera, 41, flew to Pearson Airport in April 2018. He was known to Mexican authorities as a drug cartel member and suspected sicario. (hitman) He passed through security undetected. Many others similarly infiltrated border security and are now evading authorities.