Monday, May 6, 2019

Insta-Famous bikie Geppert pours out broken heart

Vader hinted she and Geppert were over in an Instagram story last month. Ben 'Notorious' Geppert has taken to Instagram to inform his followers in a lengthy post about his relationship with model girlfriend Allaina Vader. The Insta-famous bikie has broken up with his model girlfriend.

'The sad fact is we grew apart and lost what we had. Every relationship starts happy and ends unhappy! poison.' he wrote. The split comes as Vader reconciled with cousin Rikki Sutton after a year long feud while dating rival bikies.
In the surest sign of doom of all, photos of the couple had been wiped from Vader's social media. Rikki Sutton is back in favor.

'I might look silly but family is family at the end of the day,' Ms Vader wrote. 'P.s I'll never date again.'