Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Licensed Kitchener grow operation a major drug trafficker

Eight were arrested after a major drug bust by police in Toronto. On April 25, search warrants were executed in Kitchener, Toronto, Vaughan and Stoney Creek.
As part of Project Dos, police seized 29 kg of cocaine, over 3,900 bootleg marijuana plants, as well as ephedrine, phenacetin, ketamine and crystal meth.

The grow-op was located in an industrial unit in the area of Stirling Avenue South and Mill Street. It has been shut down. Cops said efforts are being made to have the medical licence revoked. They say illegal grow-ops will continue until legalized marijuana is sold at the same price as cannabis purchased on the black market. Legal cannabis is, on average, 33% higher in price than black market cannabis and is often poorer quality.