Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Police seize thousands of fake goods at Markham Mall

A U.S. report lists Markham's Pacific Mall as one of the most notorious locations in the world for counterfeit and pirated goods.
Police say they’ve charged eight and seized thousands of fake goods sold at Pacific Mall in Markham. York Regional Police began investigating complaints about counterfeit luxury clothing and handbags being sold at the mall last year. 30 cops raided 7 businesses and one home.

Counterfeit products made up 5% to 7% of world trade in 2013.
By 2017, the U.S. alone was estimated to be losing up to $600b each year to counterfeit goods.

The Best Shop is a massive store at the top of Pacific Mall that's akin to a Chinese Wal-Mart.
The term "knockoff" describes products that copy or imitate other products but which do not copy the brand name or logo. They may still be illegal under trademark laws. The term 'pirated' refers to reproductions of copyrighted products. The spread of counterfeit goods is global and growing.According to Forbes, in 2018 counterfeiting was the largest criminal enterprise in the world.