Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Top HA in Quebec 'unhappy' with Scoppa hit

Influential bikers expressed their dissatisfaction with the reckless method with which Salvatore Scoppa was killed. Some are said to have said as much to law enforcement. The Hells Angels now control almost the entire Quebec drug market, and fear increased police attention.
"They do not agree with this murder. The Hells do not need to have more police heat. They want to have as little trouble as possible" said a reliable source. Laval police chief Pierre Brochet announced that his troops would increase in places frequented by the mafia and other organized crime groups.
Police suspected Scoppa of having been involved in several murders at the expense of the Rizzuto clan and believe he was the victim of a revenge killing.

Scoppa, 49, escaped an attempted murder in Terrebonne in 2017. The alleged gunman Frédérick Silva is in jail after that and other contract murders. Since Silva's arrest, Scoppa had dropped his guard. He was not wearing his bulletproof jacket and had no bodyguard when he was killed at a party following the communion of his son.
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