Tuesday, June 11, 2019

£20m of cocaine seized from a van on the M6

Two drug kingpins have been jailed after cocaine with a street value of £20m was seized from a van on the M6 in Cheshire. A total of 21 people were convicted from gangs led by Jamie Simpson, 31, and Jamie Oldroyd, 29. They were put away for 11 years and 14 years respectively.
The gang was involved in supplying cocaine across the UK and led "cash-rich" lives, but their lavish lifestyles led to their arrests. A video filmed on a phone shows Oldroyd and Taluant Paja, 22, who was jailed for six years, counting out an estimated £150,000 in cash on a coffee table where Rolex watches can also be seen.

"They were carefree. There was an arrogance to them and they led a bit of a gangster lifestyle."